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Electric windproof roller blinds use modern electric roller shutter technology to install windproof guide rails at both ends of the roller blind fabric, and at the same time the lower beam slides and pulls in the guide rails, so that it can run according to the track track.

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As a commonly used product in building exterior shading, electric windproof shutters have the following five characteristics and advantages:

1. Saving energy prevents most of the heat from entering the windows. Especially in the hot season, the need to use the air conditioner is reduced. In winter, keep your home warm by reducing heat loss.

2. Preventing glare can prevent glare from appearing on TV or computer screens, providing a completely dark environment for the room during the day and creating an excellent sleeping environment.

3. Provide aesthetics They can enhance the aesthetics of the house more than traditional shutters, and can make the building have a good appearance by choosing the most suitable color of the roll.

4. Enjoy privacy Most blinds are made of plastic and fiber, whenever the sun is strong, you will find that they become a bit transparent, and it is easy to see the interior between the cracks of the blinds, and the electric windproof roller blinds do not appear these question.

5. Transparent outdoor roller blinds are used without blocking the line of sight, which can not only block strong light well, control indoor brightness and heat, but also have good air permeability, and at the same time, it will not view the outdoor landscape from indoors.

Four advantages of Sunewell windproof roller blinds:

1. Minimalist design, invisible installation

One-piece snap-on guide rail, with no screws and holes in the appearance, hidden installation, simple and elegant; minimalist geometric design, perfectly interprets the modernist spirit of the building.

2. Smooth and smooth operation

Special structure design, unimpeded. The roller shutter box fabric is designed with a special structure at the inflection point: it has a "Y"-shaped structure, and the fabric can pass through smoothly, and there will be no jamming due to the right angle of the passing point. The silent guide rail, the polymer material inside the guide rail is added with a silent cotton design, which can ensure that the roller shutter will not cause metal friction noise and run smoothly when it is in use.

3. Use Groupeve special fabric for windproof roller blinds. It has the characteristics of fire and flame retardant, high mechanical properties, high weather resistance, high color fastness, constant size, and self-cleaning function.

4. High-quality materials, long life. Product accessories are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and key components such as screws are made of rust-proof alloy.



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